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Crime and societythSeptember 8 2011CrimeoIs defined in what we say is criminaloNo crime without a penaltyoPatterns consistent patterns ppl have certain characteristicsoNeedcertain things for crime to occur villain victim opportunity time place motiveoWhat causes ppl to commit criminal actsoMost crime is dull the reactions are notResponses to crimeoGender dividedoConsistent decline in crimeDoes locking people up prevent crimeoNooBalance between individual rights and freedoms and social orderEmotional responsesoFear blame punishment moral revulsionoWe want someone tobe held accountableoThrill spectacle entertainment value moral revulsionoVictims get lostDoes everyone get the same treatmentoNoIntellectual responseoFearthrilloBlame search for a causeoPunishment search for solutionsoPrevention search for solutionsoConditionssearch for a cause and solutionsNaturalistic behavior could be any of usoViolence in society is male crimeGeneral principle of criminal liabilityoIs the offender blameworthyoAct reusEvil actThe physical element of the crimeoMens reusAn evil mindThis is the mental deliberation element of the crime intentionalityoFor a criminal act to have occurred in the eyes of the court these two elements must be coincidentVictims rationalize the event without a sanction it wasnt a crime Social political constructions responses Contextualized crimeoSocialoPoliticaloDemagraphic oCultural oeconomic4 pillars of vanotreat
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