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SOCI 470
Catherine Ortner

Philosophy 334Sex Gender and PhilosophyFinal exam preparation guideADatetimelocation preparing for the examThe final exam for this course will take place on Tuesday December 17 from 8301100 am in Swingspace 221 on West MallThe exam lasts 25 hoursIn preparation for the exam you are allowed and encouraged to create a onepage sheet of notes which you may bring with you to the exam and use in writing your answersThis sheet must meet the following conditionsNotes must be typed on only one side of one sheet of 85 by 11 inch paperThe type face must be a standard 12 point or larger font Times Times New Roman Arial or CalibriYour name must appear on this sheet of paper and you must hand it in with your examination bookletsYou may use this sheet more or less as you wish to develop outlines of your answers to write out some key quotations or simply to remind yourself of the salient points of the authors you intend to discuss etcOther than this single sheet of notes you will not be permitted to use any other materials during the examYou are encouraged to discuss these exam questions with others in the course and with the instructor andor TAYou may also work together in crafting the page of notes described aboveIf you have questions or concerns about the questions below you are strongly encouraged to raise these questions before the date of the examI reserve the right to modify the questions on the actual final exam slightly and will gladly make such modifications in order to clarify the question if obscurities or ambiguities are brought to my attention in advance of the exam dateIf the actual questions on the exam differ from those below those differences will be explicitly noted on the exam paper handed out at the time of the examAt the top of the exam paper I will provide a complete list of the authors and the titles of their works that we have read as part of this courseBReview sessions for the examThere will be optional review sessions to discuss the material from the course in preparation for the final exam Well decide the times of those review sessions in the last week of class and they will be announced via the Connect website for the course and possibly by email as wellThese discussions will as much as possible be driven by student questions and responses to those questionsSo come prepared to ask questions and discuss the material with only what guidance from me is necessaryCExam questions structureThe final exam will have two partsThe first will focus on readings from the second half of the course from Descartes onward and will consist of shortanswer and multiple choice questions similar to those on the first part of the midterm exam the second will contain questions that require you to tie together some themes for the course as a wholeThe second part will carry the majority probably 80 of the weight in determining the overall mark for the final examThe following are questions that may appear on part two of the examThree of them will appear on the exam and you will be asked to choose any two of those three on which to writeEach will be weighted equally in determining the exam score
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