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Many projects (see website: spoke about the genderbread person identity and gender is on a spectrum and gender expression, difference between biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, many types of sexuality outside of the gender binary of male/ female and heterosexual/ homosexual, power, privilege and oppression many societal issues that are larger than personal/ individual experiences, movie: elder individuals experience internalized homophobia when they age entering an old age home makes them revert to their. If they feel unwelcome and unwanted, not welcome to be who they are: this generation grew up in a time where homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, even though there is much less discrimination and shaming today, they"ve internalized it nonetheless, lgbtq aging is much different than for other people: many do not have kids, many have been left behind, forgotten by their friends and family, as they grow older, illnesses and mental conditions such as dementia complicate the fear, anger, isolation and grieving.

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