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University of British Columbia
STAT 200

STAT 200 Final ExamSummer 2008 modified versionNote This modified version is slightly shorter than a standard 25 hour final exam11 Marks Problem 1A medical researcher is interested in examining the relationship between the duration of catheterization and whether or not an infection occurred The thought is that whether or not an infection occurs may be related to the duration of catheterization She collects data on 266 patients and the data is presented in the twoway table belowDuration days Total123 4Infection51081841No infection46643976225Total517447942662 a For this set of data what is the probability of a person getting an infection given that their duration was between 1 and 2 days5 b Complete a hypothesis test to decide if whether or not an infection occurred is independent of the duration Use a significance level of 1 and make sure to state your hypotheses and a conclusion2 c What is the distribution of the duration conditioned on them having an infection2 d What is the marginal distribution of the duration of catheterization7 Marks Problem 2A geneticist is interested in studying the function of a particular gene As a starting point to the study she wishes to determine if the genes expression is the same in a stem cell a mesoderm cell and a neuronal cell She estimates the genes expression for each cell type a few times A summary of the measurements can be seen in the table belowCell Typen Mean Expression SD of ExpressionStem11 102 18Mesoderm9 75 15Neuronal11 69225 a Test if the mean gene expression is the same for each type of cell using a significance level of 52 b If your conclusion from part a were incorrect in reality then what type of error would you have made State what this would mean in the context of the example
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