ENG101 Midterm: Oneclass-ENGA10-MidTerm-Notes

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Attempt to move to a place not yet reached. Offer escape from negative affect, but it shields us from feelings we need to grow. Encourage us to make impulsive decisions for short-term gain. Aristocracy to meritocracy from getting what you inherit, to getting what you earn. Superstructure, an apparent reality, formed by an invisible [through ideology] Infrastructure or actual power behind it: dorian gray"s victims ruin themselves but do not recognize the infrastructure and as to why exactly they ruin themselves. We feel happy only when our imaginings are in sync: we either face reality, or dig deeper into an imaginary protective cocoon of idealogy. The point is no longer are you right or wrong but rather are you persuasive or not? . Internal states must be expressed in a way that will make an impression. Reality is your edited version of what is real.