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Sociology Midterm One Study Guide Study guide for midterm one - covers lectures and readings

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Bishop's University
SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sociology Notes Exam OneSociologists see society a different way than other people do Sociologists study behavior going beyond the surface to try and understand what people are all about and WHY they do the things they do Sociology it is the study of everything that people dothe systematic study of human groups and their interactions Major Areas of Social Inquiry sociological theory culture socialization groups and organization crime and deviance social stratification and class race and ethnic relations sex and gender religion mass mediaSociological Perspective the unique way in which sociologists see our world and can dissect the dynamic relationships between individuals and the larger social network in which we all live Sociological LocationCHARLES WRIGHT MILLSThe Sociological Imagination developing an appreciation of how individual challenges are influenced by larger social forcesconstraints of society Failing to appreciate how individual challenges are influenced by larger social forces diminishes a persons ability to understand and resolve them Much private uneasiness goes unformulated much public malaise and many decisions of enormous structural relevance never become public issuesPersonal Troubles individual challenges Social Issues social factors beyond an individual quality of mind ability to look beyond personal circumstance and into social contextSociologists toolbox Classical Social TheoriesFunctionalism institution that we have created are working the way we designed them tofailure is not the systems fault belief that the institutions we have created work The social world is a dynamic system of interrelated and interdependent parts society works the way we designed it Social structures exist to help people fulfill their wants and desires Human society is similar to an organismdepends on all of its parts doing their jobs correctly SOCIETY MUST MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MAJORITYSociety is one large system each part is dependent on each otherConflict Approach functionalists are wrong society isnt workingThose who are well off do well the rich get richer reproduction social classes reproduce themselves Critical of social institutionsSymbolic Interactionist interested in small groups microFeminists advantages and disadvantages are gender basedPETER BERGER Seeing the general in the particulargo beyond the surface of an issue much deeper at the broader implications larger picture
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