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Important Concepts for Final The final covers Chapter 16 and an essay portion. I have extensively summarized and defined all theories, concepts and terms from class lectures and textbook readings. The essay was the biggest scare for me! But I understoo

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SOC 101
Ed Janzen

SOC 101 FINAL ReviewChapter 16 Social ChangeTransformation of culture and social institutions over timeSocial change happens all the time cultural lag states that material cultures technological change faster than nonmaterial cultureSocial change is sometimes intentional but often unplanned ie who wouldve known the impact of cars on the environment death causalities etcSocial change is controversial Some social change are more important than others CultureInvention making new things discovery notice of already existing things diffusion sharing and spreading through cultureConflictTension and conflict produces changeIdeasStrong ideas such as religion or racism can cause change Social MovementOrganized activity that encourage or discourage social changeAlterative least threatening to status quo target individuals works to alter peoples livesRedemptive targets individuals help people redeem their lives more radical changeReformative aim for limited change but to everyone example environmental changeRevolutionary strive for major transformation on entire societyExplaining Social MovementsDeprivation people who are deprived band together Masssociety social movements attract socially isolated people who seek sense of identity and purpose through membership they have agendasResource mobilization recognize that resources are needed for successCulture social movements depend on resources and cultural symbolsNew social movement on national and international scope focus of quality of life not economic environment world peace animal rights etcModernityProcess of social change begun by industrializationDecline of small traditional communities expansion of choice increasing social diversity orientation toward future and growing awareness of timeTnniesGesellschaft Industrial revolution weakened families and traditionrootless impersonalGemeinschaft people are essentially united in spite of all factors
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