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SOC 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: George Herbert Mead, Symbolic Interactionism, Verstehen

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey
Study Guide

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Symbolic Interactionism
People act toward things based on the meaning those things have
for them; and these meanings are derived form social interaction
and modified through interpretation” (Blumer)
People make their own society as a group.
Highlight the ways in which meanings are created, constructed, mediated and
changed by members of a group or society.
Max Weber
Verstehen: A deep understanding and interpretation of subjective social
George Herbert Mead
Mind Self And Society (1934)
The social organism is not an organic individual but a social group of
individual organisms.
Human mind results from the individual’s ability to respond and engage with
the environment.
I, The element of the self that is spontaneous creative, impulsive and at times
Me, Helps to control the I, the self-reflective part of the consciousness that
thinks about how to behave.
Significant Others, those around us whom we want approval from (parents,
peers, ect.)
Charles H. Cooley
Sympathetic Introspection: Putting yourself into someone else’s shoes.
Looking-Glass Self: We develop our self image through the cues we receive
from others.
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Internalize impressions and as a result become the
kind of person we believe others see us as.
Critiques of Symbolic Interactionism
Disregards difficulties in altering social arrangements.
A very narrow point of view. Does not address larger problems.
Interactions use qualitative observations. No qualitative observations.
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