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Final Exam Review Criminology 227

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Mind of a Murderer Part 2 Two personalities Ken (all American boy) and Steve (violent character who confessed to the killings and came out at first while in hypnosis) Straight strangulation, trying to gas one of the girls, hooking up girls to bolts, injected girl with cleaning solution he became more grotesque Killed approximately 10 women in LA, dumped body in freeways and said he had been involved in the killings with his cousin who denied it Dr. compared police records to what Ken was saying Tiny, the bodyguard of the lawyer Ken threatened to kill discovered Ken and his cousin had a ring of prostitutes. Ken denied Tiny had visited him saying he had only visited Angelo Ken posed as a Psychiatrist and asked people to send him money so he could counsel them Doctor dropped the hint that people with multiple personalities have more than two personalities, under hypnosis doctor asked him if he had more than 2 personalities and Ken replied with Billy His hypnosis was seen as strange in comparison to actual people experiencing hypnosis His wife had never reported seeing behaviour of multiple personality The other two doctors were surprise when the doctor decided Ken must have been faking According to Kens lawyer he had been examined by multiple psychiatrists who all thought his personalities were real Angelos house missing items police knew he owned and lacked any finger tips Letter found signed Thomas Steven Walker, turned out the university records Ken faked belonged to a university student had this name. In court room Ken had been crying, according to police officer after he had sat with his feet up on the table smoking and laughing Sent around 50 love letters to a hairdresser alleging to be in love with her and continuously lying about things. He tried to get 12 people to write alibis Police found many books to do with criminal procedure, psychology, hypnosis, etc., judge came to conclusion that Ken faked both hypnosis and his personalities. Sexual psychopath = Ken TRAIT THEORIES continuing quest for/belief in difference Promoted, in part by media depictions of: o crazed babysitter (e.g., The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) o airline passengers (e.g., Turbulence) o roommates (e.g., Single White Female) o tenants (e.g., Pacific Heights) o landlords (e.g., Psycho) o secretaries (e.g., The Temp) o peace officers (e.g., Maniac Cop) o fans (e.g., The Fan; Misery) o husbands/boyfriends (e.g., Fear; Sleeping with the Enemy; The Sthpfather) o wives/mothers/girlfriends (e.g., Fatal Attraction; Black Widow; Friday the 13 , Part 1) o children (e,g, The Good Son) o psychiatrists/psychologists (e.g., Silence of the Lambs; Dressed to Kill; Never Talk to Strangers) Edward Sapir & Benjamin Whorf (1930s): Sapir-Whorf hypothesis/theory of linguistic reflexivity: the language we speak predisposes us to make particular interpretations of reality Belief: criminals possess distinctive physical/mental traits that make them different th Early origins: 19 century positivism Biological Trait Theories: 1. Development: Lombrosos atavism Much early theorizing: status as historical curiosity v. scientific fact, sloppy method, no control groups inherited dispositions - attributable to deprivation, environment 2. Biocriminology: fell out of favour in early 20 century. Biphobia: the belief that no serious consideration should be given to biological factors when attempting to understand human nature Presumptuous assumption: o van den Bergle (1974): What seems no longer tenable at this juncture is any theory of human behaviour which ignores biology and relies exclusively on socio-cultural learning...Most social scientists have been wrong in their dogmatic rejection and blissful ignorance of the biological parameters of our behaviour. o John Money (1988) Reductionist theory is popular on both sides of the false fence that erroneously claims to separate biology from social learning. It allows its proponents on either side to earn a living by ignoring each others specialty knowledge, training and certification. The bureaucracy of scholars is not well suited to inter-disciplinary knowledge, nor to the concept of multivariate, sequential determinants that cross the boundaries of scientific specialties. nature of academic specialization and the bureaucratic structure of the university interdisciplinary approach - product typically places emphasis upon either biological or social factors (reflective of the persons academic roots) Edmund O. Wilson (1975) Sociobiology the systematic study of the biological basis of all forms of social behaviour o Environment/experience have impact but - most actions controlled by a persons biological machine. Gene - ultimate unit of life that controls all destiny o Holds: people controlled by the innate need to have their genetic material survive and dominate others. Darwin: survival of the fittest - natural selection o Natural selection: explains physical characteristics of animals AND their behaviour o Genetic traits that aid survival of species will be common, those that do not aid their survival will disappear. Human behaviour: no different from the behaviour of rats/mosquitoes - bred into homo sapiens through evolutionary principles o Fundamental premise: we are structured by nature with a desire to ensure that our individual genes pass to future generation; this is motivating factor in almost all human behaviour o Characteristics that increase chances of survival (e.g., competitiveness, aggressiveness) become part of the human biogram or genetically encoded biological program o Genetics is destiny, Parental investment, cheap sperm v. precious egg o Before a baby girl is born, development of future eggs begins in her just-forming varies. About halfway through her mothers pregnancy, the girls ovaries contain 6 to 7 million future eggs, most of which degenerate before birth. About 400,000 immature eggs are present in the newborn girl and no eggs are formed after this time. During childhood, continued degeneration reduces the number of eggs still further...Fewer than 400 follicles [which rupture and release one egg each] are usually involved in ovulation during the females reproductive years Evolutionary psychology: attempts to blend biology, anthropology, psychology, and psychiatry cardinal premises Parental investment the things we invest in our offspring to ensure their survival, women contribute more than men do. Sperm is cheap, eggs are not this also explains why males rape. (1) Women are naturally less promiscuous, less approving of casual sex, and more sexually reserved than men; (2) Women are inherently more interested in long-term, stable relationships than are men; (3) in seeking mates, women are naturally attracted to the hallmarks of high status (e.g., wealth) because of desire to ensure they and their children will be provided for, whereas men naturally look for the hallmarks of youth (e.g., smooth skin) because of desire for mate with a long childbearing career ahead of her; and finally (4) that these preferences were hammered out hundreds of thousands of years ago, in the legendary Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness, or EEA, also known as the ancestral environment, also known as the Stone Age. Steven Pinker: visual and non-visual nature of male/female sexuality, it would make no sense for a woman to be easily aroused by the sight of a nude male. The best husband available, the best genes, or other returns on her sexual favours. If she could be aroused by the sight of a naked man, men could induce her to have sex by exposing themselves and her bargaining position would be compromised Nevertheless, sociobiology in its original and derivative forms has had a tremendous effect on reviving interest in finding a biological basis for crime and delinquency Variants: o e.g., R/k selection theory (Lee Ellis) r end reproduce rapidly and invest little in their offspring k end reproduce slowly and cautiously and take care in raising their offspring o e.g., "cheater theory" (Byron Roth) certain women will be more susceptible to cheater males than others What you need to do is convince the most stupid women that it is not in her best interest to hook up with these guys, women must reclaim their proper sexual behaviour. o e.g., Mesquida and Wiener (1996) male co
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