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Final Exam Review covers all key beliefs!

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Classical Conflict Theory Power lies Structural Functionalism Symbolic Interaction Social at the core of all social The dynamic system of Structures are created by the Theories relationships, and is interrelated parts; Emile interactions between people unequally divided; Karl Marx Durkheim and that this can be changed ; Max Weber Culture Conflict Theory View culture Structural Functionalism Symbolic Interaction as a means of perpetuating Cultural traditions develop Culture is actively created social inequality (dominant and persist because they are and recreated through social culture assimilating less adaptive and maintain interaction powerful culture) stability Social Conflict Theory Structural Symbolic Interaction Feminists How the Inequality Embodiment of the Functionalism How people patriarchal inevitable struggle Serves the purpose interpret and perspective between the of attracting highly construct their influences what powerful and less skilled people to responses to class society deems to be powerful important jobs by inequality important offering high rewards Gender Conflict Theory Structural Symbolic Interaction Post Modernists Examine gender Functionalism Tend View gender as a View gender as a stratification in light to hold women socially constructed performance, not by of men’s needs to responsible for any concept that has a stable self, but by subordinate women change in traditional detrimental identities that are to ensure paternity gendered roles that consequences for continually in flux and hence the line of would disrupt family women inheritance and societal cohesiveness Education Conflict Structural Symbolic Feminists Post Cultural Theory Functionalis Interaction Examine the Modernists theorists Argue that m View Recognize sexism Focus on perceive schools sort schools as that embedded in schools as education’s students institutions teachers’ both school sites of the ability to based on the that reflect labelling of texts and power/knowl reproduce bias of social the larger students treatment of edge nexus; particular class, gender social system influences students class cultures and race their success system in school Religion Conflict Theory Structural Symbolic Feminists Post Modernists View it as a Functionalism Interaction Understand Emphasis on tool of Perceive religion Consider i
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