FNAT2703 Study Guide - Final Guide: Triglyph, Ancient Greek Architecture, Five Pillars Of Islam

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29 Jul 2016
Final Exam Part 1
Classic Style Realism, Humanism, Idealism
Characteristics of Classic Style Harmony, Proportion, symmetry, moderation, Clarity, and
Kouros A Male Youth
Greek Sculpture The Greek Sculpture look like block like statue and their weight were
distributed equally on both feet.
The Greek Figure The Greek figure always looks like its about to take action. Most Greek males
are nude. Figure use as votive offering. They are used as grave monuments.
Korea Female Youth
Contrapasso Weight of the body shift from equal distribution on both legs to greater weight on
the left leg. Counter positioning.
Contemplative Studying, thinking, reflecting on an issue. Figure not smiling.
The Greek Golden Age Athens was most powerful.
Geography Mountains and coastlines traded and isolated.
Kritos Boy Natural looking. Portraying how human body actually stands
Polykleitos Important Sculpture in classical style, Combination of realism, humanism and
idealism. Originally named "The Cannon."
Frieze Includes Triglyphs and Metophes
Triglyph Three flutes- alternates with metophes
Metophe Slab of stone- alternates with Triglyphs
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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