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Study Guides for AHSS*4070 at University of Guelph - Humber

Issues in Ethnicity and Class

AHSS*4070 Study Guide - Final Guide: United Nations Commission On Human Rights, Quebec Superior Court, United Nations Human Rights Committee

Law and Society Exam Review Essay Questions: 1. There have been widespread calls for a national inquiry in to Missing and Murdered Indigenous women. There was a recently released report from the RCMP that “said at least ...

Allyson Lunny
AHSS*4070 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: British Columbia Treaty Process, Canadian Judicial Council, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

1375 Mid-term review sheet PART ONE: Procedural Law - outlines the steps and procedures involved in protecting and enforcing the rights given under Substantive Law, i.e. the rules of court, etc. Public Law – regulates t...

Allyson Lunny
AHSS*4070 Midterm: February 4- Popular trial lecture notes .docx

February 4: Popular trial lecture notes  The Scopes Trial: Evolutionary Theory vs. Biblical Literalism: ­The son is about evolution.  ­Law was created, that outlawed the teaching of Darawin or anything of any  evolutionary...

Allyson Lunny
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