AHSS*1090 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Instrumentalism, Industrial Revolution, Prosumer

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21 Feb 2015

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Terms utopian-positive view of technology, it allows us to achieve progress & efficiency, gives us control dystopian-negative view of technology, it threatens ways of life. Luddites-people who attempt to live without technology technophile-people who love technology technocracy-technology will reflect the values of the elite value laden-technology shapes & is shaped by culture, politics & social values. Feenberg"s model neutrality- technology has no effect on human nature vs value-laden- technology affects human progress autonomous- humans have little effect on how technology will affect society vs human-controlled-humans place the value on technology. & decide how how it will be used. Determinism technological determinism-technology is self directing & shapes. 2 culture & society social determinism-societal norms determine how technology will be used. Instrumentalism technology is neutral & humans determine if they will use it for good or bad. Substantivism technology is an independent force designed to do a certain job. Critical theory technology is the result of both technical & social factors.

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