AHSS*2010 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: 2002 In Pride Fc, Golden Ratio, Camera Angle

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22 Feb 2015

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1 prior to the lumiere brothers what was the first successful moving. Midterm review (cid:0)film & documentary picture: people tried to make a still picture animated without success, chinese puppetry (not a moving picture, edison"s kinetiscope-the first sneeze, muybridge"s first movie projector. 2 what was the very first known moving picture: the round garden scene, exiting the factory, nonook of the north. 3 what is kino pravada (film truth): shot with a dog & a horse, only workers, workers & a bicycle. 5 lumiere brothers: 23 news reel documentaries directed by dzigo vertov. 4 what was the original scene in exiting the factory: false statement because they made different record on the same day without reenactment. 7 the term documentary was coined by: vetov, rienfenstahl, lumiere brothers, john grieerson, vertov, john grierson, lumiere brothers, riefenstahl. Documentary is the creative treatment of reality : john grierson (cid:0)true.