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Study Guides for AHSS*2190 at University of Guelph - Humber

History of Communication

AHSS*2190 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Harold Lasswell, Jack Goody, Chinese Whispers

History of Communication Midterm Introduction to the CourseThe Media of Early Civilizations media only began to mention in the 1920 rhetoric: th public opinion began in late 18 century oral communication came into importan...

Jamie Killingsworth
AHSS*2190 Study Guide - Final Guide: Eadweard Muybridge, Shutter Speed, Celluloid

History of Communication Final Eadweard Muybridge Kinetoscope Why it is Possible Use a series of still images to create illusion of motion persistence of vision To Make Movies Possible Camera with high enough shutter speed...

Jamie Killingsworth
AHSS*2190 Final: AHSS 2190 Final Exam Questions (2017)

AHSS FINAL EXAM QUESTIONS FALL 2017 The final exam consists of two parts totalling 40 marks. The first part will consist of 10 multiple choice questions worth one mark each. nd The 2 part of the exam is an essay question w...

Jamie Killingsworth
AHSS*2190 Midterm: Study Notes-Midterm.docx

Key Terms Evolutiongradual change that can become critical if it reaches a certain point Revolutioncritical point in evolution, rapid change Communicationwhat allows for information to be passed down, build on past tech...

Jamie Killingsworth
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