MDST*2020 Study Guide - Final Guide: Technological Utopianism, Technological Determinism, Cultural Determinism

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Chapter 6 technological utopianism: fable ideal place, improvement of technology to better society. Industry lore: ways of doing things among media industry executives and workers, including ideas about what consumers want, what trends are hot etc. Within the media industries, the cost to see a movie or other media texts is different depending on where and when you see it. Circuit of cultural production & determinism: purpose is to challenge technological determinism, representation. Video games vs televised sports televised games is expected to be like video games i. e. of cultural and technological determinism. Types of creative workers: distributor, aggregator, get content from creator to audience i. e pr, editors, auxiliary facilitate work (audience measurement, lawyer, union representors, sound dubbing) Creative roles above and below the line: above the line workers: creative workers in hollywood, fixed cost, below the line workers: non-creatives, variable cost.

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