MDST*2030 Study Guide - Final Guide: Structuration Theory, Cupid, Pathetic Fallacy

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Plot ii: daddy lenin: action of story, how writers moves story alongs through structure and plot chart. Live large flashback narrative: characters had diff voices, plot what happened? active, old man questions the boy. Tick tock (abusive husband: hence the title (cid:498)tick tock(cid:499, violent past from childhood emerges due to an experience. Koenig and company: episode/scenes build up, action was a disadv girl challenges adv boy to see something of himself, story about him telling about her. 1957 chevy bel air: perspective, voice, youth retirement age tension builds to action, by rejected parents cuz of darcy (what happened, short term decision (golf betting, reckless, but wins golf game. Where the boys were: perspective is crucial, readers are kept in the dark until the end, young man runs his truth by running after the girl. Anything: perspective on emotions, a widow has trust w/ a married woman to avoid his own morality (burying the deer)

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