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AHSS*1100 Midterm: ELD1and2

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Examined Life: D1/D2 01/26/16
Hedonism: pursuit of pleasure
- 2 kinds
- phy pleasure
- ex. taste of good or long hot shower
- attitudinal pleasure
- ex. finish painting or home team win
- to be hedonistic, agree with view that enjoyment
rather than phy pleasure is key to good life
- a life is good if filled with pleasure, freed of pain
- intrinsically good
- smth that is worth pursuing for its own sake +
valuable in its own right. Think of you in your death
bed and reflecting on what you have achieved or how
you have grown and flourished. You can't chase it!
- form of happiness is EUDAIMONIA which means
happiness or flourishing + it's the reason why we do
things. EUDAIMONIA is not the same as pleasure. It is
about becoming a master at what you're good at.
KP from Nozick's 'Exp Machine'
- unplug to reprogram every 2 years
- ignorance in the machine (intermediate blob)
- no real deeper significance
- N says were not just hedonists despite having reasons
like happiness to plug in
- ppl would rather not plug in just to know that what
they're experiencing is real, but Plato makes us
question how we can even know what is real
KP Aristotle's Niomachean Ethics (NE)
- Aristotle had great influence on Virtue Ethics
- Virtue Ethics:
- focus on ideas of character
- ex. good vs bad traits
- model exemplar
- some1 virtuous + good role model
- rules + results don't define ethics
NE B1 Ch 1(Happiness)
- actions have diff ends + reasons
- ex. medicine for health
- ex. drink to get drunk
NE B1 Ch 2 (Political Science)
- controlling + ruling science
- list of sciences to learn
- politicians keep honoural capacities: general ship,
management + rhetoric
NE B1 Ch 3 (Method)
- EUDAIMONIA needs education
- living well + aiming at EUDAIMONIA isn't like
math, anatomy etc.
- rules of thumb over strict rules
- virtue isn't easy + not only about knowledge but
instead having to go through it is important too
- requires: exp, emotional maturity, emotional
intelligence + reflection
- does not need: high IQ + rmrbing moral facts
NE B1 Ch4+5 (Common Beliefs About Happiness)
- happiness is like a butterfly, more you chase, more it
goes away. Not something you do or chase, more of
what you have achieved
- EUDAIMONIA is not pleasure. It is about becoming
a master at what you're good at. When we concern
ourselves with pleasure, we run into other problems
like murderer or torturer. Even happiness in our
contemporary conception is identified with different
things like wealth when poor or freedom when
- happiness is not the only thing that improves the
quality of life bc there are other things that can make
NE B1 Ch 6 (Platonic Forms)
- what's really the def of good?
- ex. we can get drunk but is that good? depends on the
consequences for tmrw like if we have work or our
capacity to keep up with the alcohol
- happiness is the reason we do anything we do, its self
sufficient + constantly on our minds
NE B1 Ch 7-9 (Account of happiness + External
- virtue is extremely hard work
- happiness needs a purpose
- good things accomplish their purpose well
- a good human is someone who
- excels at what they're supposed to be good at
- has virtue which is lifelong pursuit
- master of soul
- irrational part
- ex. emotions + desires
- rational part
- needs to control the irrational part so
that when both parts are in sync, you
can be more wise + virtuous
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