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AHSS*1100 Midterm: plato cave

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Key Qs
1) how is cave laid out, what are the diff lvls?
- cave with small runnel of light leading out entertainment is with shadows projected from wall in
front of burning fire in the back for light prisoners/cave dwellers chained up and can't move their
bodies or heads, been there since childhood and one day one is free and makes his way outside,
eyes adjusts to sun, soaks it all in, goes back to try to free others and tell them it's all an illusion
what's in the cave but they refuse to believe him bc he can't describe the things he sees and they
thing he's crazy. Ignorance is bliss
- in front of them is wall, behind is fire
- btwn fire + prisoners is a walkway with low wall which ppl walk behind carrying objects of
mean and other living things so that they bodies don't cast shadows for the prisoners to see but the
objects they carry do. The prisoners can only see shadows and the sounds of the ppl talking echo
off of the shadowed wall and the prisoners falsely believe these sounds come from the shadows
- Socrates suggests that the shadows constitute reality for the prisoners because they have never
seen anything else; they do not realize that what they see are shadows of objects in front of a fire,
much less that these objects are inspired by real living things outside the cave
2) why does Soc compare what the cave dwellers know to shadows?
- the shadows don't show the whole picture just like how when we see things in "the real world"
they might not be the whole picture
3) What does the cave represent, what does it mean to be a plsper and what does one seek?
- Cave represents the imperfect, unexplored, + unexamined life
- The freed prisoner is the plsper bc he is brave enough to leave ignorance of the dark cave +
explore real world of light
4) What can we know + can we know what's real?
- by pursuing plspcal knowledge with courage + persistence, get to a place where you can see
- once you see them, you'll never be satisfied with world most ppl see and will try to get friends to
see it like you do but most of them will laugh like the other prisoners did.
The Allegory of the Cave
- allegory is a story that can be interpreted to reveal hidden meaning; metaphor
- plsp is impt for a proper examination + fully lived life with nature of reality which is what
allegory is concerned with
Perceptual Limitations
- visible spectrum (humans can only see a fraction of the spectrum)
- baby experiment
- brain + sensory modalities limitation
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