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AHSS*1100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Zero-Sum Game, Egotism, Liberal Democracy

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Political Thought, PLSP, + Ideology
Are humans naturally good or bad
Whats the diff btwn selfish + self interest, where self interest is not always a bad things
Is indv or group more important
How much power ought govs have
More importantly: what is the gov’s primary objective: keep us safe or ensure our freedom
From Video
By donating, perpetuating poverty
Not doing substantial charity: invest in smth like pump water bottle
Cultural Capitalism
oSociety acts as a band-aid for things such as poverty
oBlamed gov.
oBelieved Eng civil war was due to illegitimate gov.
oHis plsp of liberalism is corner stone of modern liberal democracy
oImpt to his plsp of liberalism is consent
o“for a gov system to be legitimate, consent of the gov must have been obtained and
oFounded on notion that indv is basic unit of human society
oHuman must be held sacred
oRational creature: interests + desires of human are paramount
oSelf-Determination: ability to decide one’s own fate; essential to liberalism; gov laws should
be directed toward maximizing SD of each invd limiting only those actions that inhibit the
self SD of others
oEquality of right = each person is given equal opp to prosper
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