AHSS*1260 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Correspondence Theory Of Truth, Tabula Rasa

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14 Feb 2016
idea = "whatever so is the object of the understanding when a man thinks"
- he means to include everything; that there are ideas in our minds
- all from exp so exp is the source all that we know
- empirical knowledge (k) is all humans know
- nothing is in the mind that wasn't first in the senses
truth – correspondence theory
ideas + exp come from
- 1) exp of external objects through senses (sensation)
- 2) reflecting on mental observations (reflection)
simple + complex ideas
- are elements of all our thinking
- might be a single exp that's made of several simple ideas
- are basic units of all thought
even with certain ideas, the mind can:
- 1) distinguish (one idea to another)
- 2) compare (ex. similarity + diffs)
- 3) combine (them together in diff ways)
- 4) name
- 5) frame abstract ideas (on universals)
- get material from 5 senses + get it to do impt + essential mental tasks
- known for TABULA RASA (blank slate or hypothesis aka white sheet, black cabinet)
- nurture over nature
- basic equality in humans
- everyone starts off with nothing
- there are three: modes, relations + substances but just focus on substances
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