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SCMA*1090 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Christian Mortalism, Social Statics, Iceberg

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Hobbes D1 Locke D2 Rousseau D3 Wollstonecraft D4 Comte D5 10/02/16
The logic of society (how it works together)
Sociologist #1
-everything is connected: sciences, society, ethics – everything
-wants to apply SM to study society
-made the term sociology (sl)
-wanted to determine laws of society (s)
olike laws of physics or math etc.
-three stages of knowledge
o1) in this stage of k of an indv or field of sci all things are thought to be controlled by a single power
answers are sought to unanswerable questions ex. Is there an immortal soul? Is freedom an
o2) in this stage of k of an indv or field of sci all things are thought to be discoverable as effects of a hidden
cause (ex nature or fate)
o3) highest stage
Seeks obvs, patterns, laws of cause + effect for each area of sci ex astronomy vs astrology)
-society is a connected whole
ounderstand part by it’s working within the whole like economy, politics , manners, ethics etc.
ocultural iceberg
google it
diff definitions, attitudes towards things, gestures, facial expressions and etc.
-social statics + social dynamics
osociety is a interconnected whole
osome parts are changing fast and try to call for overall change
osome parts resist change and try to prevent overall change
-hierarchy of sciences acc to compte)
oorder: sl, bio, chem, phy, astronomy, math
oassert smth is true, not negative, saying yes, seeing how things that exist make sense, Durkheim
(functionalist) would continue this idea in his sl
want to criticise, correct, not necessarily saying smth is true
-C sees the political struggles of Revolutionary European history as 3 step model:
oTheology (monarchism)
oMetaphysical (R’s political plsp)
oPositive (L + other modern liberals)
-liberals were affirming freedom, sci and market economies
-merely critical actions cause social chaos
-to have real progress, dvp an objective, scientific acc of s
-stop by rebelling, wait for gradual + measured change led by rational section of society
-right in the middle of the political circle
-change should be slow
otoo much is not good for the system
os is a dynamic whole – like a body
oS is a body which changes slowly
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