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SCMA*1090 Final: Locke and Hobbes Overview

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Locke and Hobbes Overview
Hobbes (1588 – 1679)
Key Point (KP) = Social Contact Theory (SCT) + Leviathan (L)
- was a liberal bc he assumes every indv has control over what they want to do
- there is no good or evil –just greed
- wrote L that describe the State of Nature (SON) where ppl are naturally lawless
- SON is state of war (SOW) = nasty, poor, brutish + short; pessismistic
oNo morality
oLittle freedom bc there is constant fear; weakest can kill strongest (zero
sum games)
- Government (gov.)
oAka L or strong leader that is created to:
reach agreement
impose law
prevent SOW
oCreates property
oSolidifies freedom
oEnd violence + fear through L bc there is protection from other ppl
oAgreement where everyone gives up freedom to sovereign to be safe from
- Misc.
oMan to man is worlf, L to L is wolf
oLiked idea of king bc it would man consistent authority
oBelieves ppl are born neutral
o2 ideas about humanity:
o1) everyone follows their own desires + 2) everyone co-exists with
everyone else
Tradition Liberalism
- Feudal economies - Market economies
- Kings + Pope - Individual Liberty
- Tradition - Scientific Method
- Human K already perfect - Human K can improve
- God with active feelings in the
- Deism
- Static - Progress
Broken Windows Policy
- SMALL, petty crimes like breaking windows, lead to BIG crimes
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