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Study Guides for BUSI 1450U at UOIT


BUSI 1450U- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 60 pages long!)

[BUSI 1450U] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Statistical Data Why Study S...

BUSI 1450U
Amir Rastpour
BUSI 1450U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bar Chart, Cut-Point, Histogram

Using the Computer for Random Selection: CalcRandom Data Sample 1. Sample box input the desired size of the sample. 2. Select the sample 3. Store samples CalRandom Data Integer 1. Generate box input 1 as the size of the sa...

BUSI 1450U
Bill Goodman
BUSI 1450U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Binomial Test, Standard Deviation, Normal Distribution

A) Z-test for the mean (one sample) a. You have one sample. b. Claiming the mean of the population is or isn’t some value. c. They tell you or some other reason for knowing the population sigma. ...

BUSI 1450U
William Goodman
BUSI 1450U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Multivariate Normal Distribution, Type I And Type Ii Errors, Central Limit Theorem

Stats After Midterm 1 and 2 Information Chapter 13 13.1 One-Sample Tests about the Median - Based on the central limit theorem, that assumption is less important for large samples, but if the distribut...

BUSI 1450U
William Goodman
Statistics Midterm 2 Notes

Statistics Midterm 2 InformationChapter 72 Binomial DistributionBinomial distributionspecial case of discrete probability distributionThe word binomial is derived from bi for two and nominal for numbers suggesting a refere...

BUSI 1450U
William Goodman
BUSI 1450U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Random Variable, Simple Random Sample, Statistic

Statistic Notes: Chapter 1 – 7.1 Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistical Data 1.1 Why Study Statistics? - Statistics can be defined as the art of collecting, classifying, interpreting, reporting numerical informa...

BUSI 1450U
William Goodman

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