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BUSI 1450U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bar Chart, Cut-Point, Histogram

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BUSI 1450U
Bill Goodman
Study Guide

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Using the Computer for Random Selection:
Calc/Random Data/ Sample
1. Sample box input the desired size of the sample.
2. Select the sample
3. Store samples
Cal/Random Data/ Integer
1. Generate box input "1" as the size of the sample
2. Store in columns
3. Input Min and Max
Discrete Quantitative Frequency Tables
Stat/Tables/Tally Individual Variables
Select Counts, Percents, and Cumulative Percents.
Sorting the Data Using the Computer
Constructing a Continuous Quantitative Frequency Table
Data/Code/Numeric to Text.
For more than 8
Edit/Command Line Editor:
Code ( x:x) "x up to x"&
Store cell
Stat/Tables/Tally Individual Variables and click Counts, Percents, Cumulative Percents
Qualitative Frequency Tables
Stat/Tables/Tally Individual Variables select Counts, Percents, Cumulative Percents.
Constructing a Histogram
Select Cutpoint and then Midpoint/Cutpoint positions.
Constructing a Percent or Cumulative Percent Histogram
Histogram/Right click Edit Y Scale/Type/Percents or Accumulate values across bins.
Constructing a Bar or Pie Chart
Gaph/Bar Chart or Graph/Pie Chart.
Bar Chart click Counts of unique balues
Frequency bar chart select the column of data.
Percent frequency displays instead select Chart Options and click Default and Show Y as percent.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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Constructing a Stemplot
In the increment input a value
Constructing a Scatter Diagram or Time Series Chart
Graph / Scatterplot / Simple or Connect Line/ Y variable (vertical)
Constructing a Contingency Table
Stat/Tables/Cross Tabulation and Chi-squares
Constructing a Bivariate Bar or Pie Chart
Graph/Bar Chart/A function of a variable/ Function / Graph variable/Categorical Variable Group.
Changing the scale of your figure
Edit Y Scale or X scale/Scale/Change units
Computing the Mean, Median, Mode
Stat/Basic Statistics/Display Descriptive Statistics
Computing the weighted mean
Calc/Calculator: Sum (Mark * Weight) / Sum (Weight)
Computing the Geomean
Calc/Calculator/ exp(sum(log(GrowthFactors)))*(1/Count(GrowthFacors))
Or Excel: =geomean()
Computing the Quantitiles
Stat/Basic Statistcs/Display Statistics/ First qurtile, media, third quartile
Tools/Options / Individual Graphs/ Boxplots/ Percentiles
Calculating the Range and Standard Deviation
Stat/Basic Statsitcs/ Display Staistics/ Standard deviation, Variance, Range
Calc/Calculator: (FOR A POPULATION)
68-95-99% rule: Normal Destribution
68 : u+1o OR u-1o
95:u+2o OR u-2o
99: u+3o OR u-3o
find more resources at
find more resources at
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