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Chapter 7 Seeing as approximately 50% of newly hired employees leave a company within the first seven months, its crucial for an HR employee to understand how to interest and involve and employee right away so he/she does not regret joining the organization. The process of shifting knowledge from an organization to an individual, department level, job level to a new hire is known as onboarding Onboarding provides employees with tools, resources and the knowledge required to be a successful employee.Asuccessful onboarding program will make the employee feel welcome, increase employee engagement, and reduce the amount of time it takes to familiarize themselves with the responsibilities required from a job. Orientation Orienting an employee into an organization is an important onboarding activity. Orienting involves introducing an employee into an organization.Aformal orientation program is designed to familiarize employees with new roles, the organization, and policies. Asuccessful orientation program can: Reduce employee turnover: over 60% of employees leave a job within the first 6 months. If thousands of employees leave a firm every year, costs can quickly escalate. To prevent this, HR can reduce turnover by meeting personal objectives of an employee. Reduce errors and save time: well oriented employees know exactly what they are doing and are less likely to make mistakes. Start up costs for a new employee are high since they are less efficient than an experienced worker; combine this with other additional costs in getting the new employee started can make these costs very significant. Reduces employee anxiety: new employees feel less stressed if an organization clearly states their roles, and familiarizes them with company objectives. Socialization­ learning about norms and values of an organization Socialization is the process of a new employee adapting to a new company- they begin to understand values and beliefs held by an organization. To effectively socialize, a new hire must build new relationships with coworkers and understand their personality, style of working etc. Training & Development: a strategic tool Peter Senge, author of “The Fifth Discipline” popularized the term learning organization- an organization that has the enhanced capacity to learn, adapt and change. Peter Senge was big on knowledge management- the ability to utilize the knowledge of an employee effectively. Asuccessful organization can tap into its knowledge base, optimize resources and can understand the importance of developing employees by establishing programs to optimize the talent of the employee- talent refers to individuals who add positive value to an organization The recognition of the value an employee brings with them has received considerable amounts of attention from executives and has pushes importance the human resource development function. Human resource development incorporates the use of training and career development efforts to improve individual and organizational effectiveness. The training System An effective training program benefits the employee and the organization as a whole. Employee benefits may include skill improvement, stronger self confidence, sense of growth. For the organization, profitability, better corporate image. Atypical training system starts off with a needs assessment Aneeds assessment is one that diagnoses a present problems that can be met through training. An evaluation of these needs results in training objectives. Such objectives should state a desired behaviour, conditions under which it should occur and acceptable performance criteria. Learning Principles- since learning itself cannot be observed, there is little known about the learning process; only its results can be measured. The best way to understand learning is through a learning curve- a visual representation of the rate at one learns material. Training Techniques On the job training: employee learns a job by performing it.Atrainer, supervisor, or coworker serves as an instructor Cross Training: training employees in other areas of an organization besides their assigned job Apprenticeship: a form of on the job training where junior employees learn from experienced employees- high levels of participation. Most trades people are taught through apprenticeship Coaching: less formal training technique.Asupervisor or manager provides an employee with a model for new employees to emulate Role playing: forces trainees to assume different identities in order to learn how others feel under certain circumstances Laboratory training: used to enhance interpersonal skills. Participants seek to improve human relations skills by better understanding themselves and others. Employee Development Process of providing employees with opportunities to grow in an organization. It focuses on developing competencies that will enable the employee to be successful in a future role in an organization Competencies: skills, knowledge, and behaviours that distinguish high performance in a broad role of an organization Effective organizations include employee development as apart of their strategic human resource development plan Strategic human resource development: identification of essential job skills and employee learning management for the future in r
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