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COMM 2411U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Intertextuality, Wi-Fi, Margaret Atwood

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COMM 2411U
Duncan Koerber
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Media and Information Policy Midterm 2
Week 8
Governance In areas where governments cannot preside (businesses, public organizations),
they have governance; a set of agreed upon rules and regulations
The internet is regulated through Technological Agreements (Protocols) and Laws
(Copyright, Crime, etc.)
Protocols are rules for data transmission agreed upon by all manufacturers of technology
(Protocols cover things such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.)
Protocols are made by global institutions of engineers such as:
Internet Engineering Task Force, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
ICANN The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICANN sets policy for domain name dispute resolution, engages in economic and
technical regulation of the domain name supply industry, and controls the allocation and
assignment of top-level domains and the top of the Internet Protocol address hierarchy
An IP Address is a unique binary number that identifies its virtual location that is either
assigned for a session or permanently
The issue with IP Addresses is that the unique identifier, along with other information can
identify the individual.
Council of Europe Deals with criminal offenses committed through the use of internet,
such as copyright, child pornography, etc.
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization created two treaties updating copyright and
related rights for digital media December 1996
“Internet Laws” – Copyright Laws, Libel Law, Obscenity Laws.
Copyright Misuse of other’s material
Libel Laws Defamation expressed by print
Obscenity Laws Sexual harassment
Net Neutrality Principle that all internet service providers should enable equal access to all,
without favouritism
Many web providers now want users to pay for specific sites due to wanting money to
expand networks USA
Without Net Neutrality, big sites such as facebook and Netflix would be charged more for data,
ultimately costing it’s users more money/fees, more ads
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Week 9
Copyright The right to control reproduction, distribution, performance and display of work
You need permission from the copyright holder before doing a song cover
The copyright term is the creators life plus 50 years
The creator does not always own the copyright, although they have moral rights (right of the
creator to keep the work intact)
Fair dealing You can use copyrighted material for private study
First copyright act was in Britain in 1710
Canadian Copyright was in 1924
In theory, copyright is a great way for capitalist society to protect expression and creation
In reality, copyright law existed primarily to protect companies that control the means of
Copyright protects creators but also keeps people from accessing those goods
Copyright tends to benefit the companies that distribute as opposed to creators
Originally, people thought ideas came from god, now the individual can be a genius for coming
up with new things
Intertextuality A text is not an autonomous entity, but rather is it produced from other texts
All artists have borrowed from each other, riffs and melodies
Week 10
Books and magazines have two roles: Commodity for sale and Cultural Artifact
Big businesses publish large magazine runs, not to publish the author but to make money
Culture Industry/ Creative Industry Term created by Adorno/Horkheimer, cultural theorists of
early 1900’s
Mass media dominating in their time
Culture industry seen to produce only entertainment, not educational or moral lessons
Now the term “cultural industries” is not seen as negative, it is seen as simply the big businesses
What are Culture/ Creative Industries?
“Industries that provide an economic good or service that results from creativity and has
economic value”
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