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Midterm 1 Notes.docx

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Health Sciences
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HLSC 2400U
Kirk Hillsey

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Chapter 2 Organic Compounds - Large carbon – based molecules that carry but complex functions in living systems - Most contain oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen too - Make up 38-43% of human body Inorganic Compounds - Do not contain carbon - Water, salts, and acids and bases - Our body consists of 55-60% water stored in intracellular space - Carbon dioxide Acids and Bases relation to the pH scale - Acid is a proton donor and Base is a proton acceptor. - Acids and bases in order to maintain homeostasis the acidity of solutions in the body must be maintained. - The number of the H+ ions determine a solution’s activity - Dissociation of an acid forms a H+ ion and a negative ion (anion) - Dissociation of a base forms a hydroxide ion and positive ion (cation) - Hydrogen and hydroxide ions join to form water - H+ ions are removed from the solution - pH scale - Expresses conc. Of H+ - 7 is neutral >7 is basic (alkaline) <7 is acid Buffer - Systems that resist change in pH of body fluids - They are three body systems that work together to maintain normal pH range 1.) Fast: Blood buffers excess acids & bases 2.) Medium: lungs excrete acids in the form of CO 2 3.) Slow: kidneys excrete H+ or regenerate base (bicarbonate) Carbohydrates - Contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen - Their major function is to supply sour
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