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NUCL 1530 Radiation and Nuclear technologies Midterm notes

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Radiation Science
Course Code
NUCL 1530U
Rachid Machrafi

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Radiation and Nuclear technologies (Midterm 1 notes) Lecture 1 Occupations for nuclear scientists and engineers - Merchandize deck - Explosive detection - Power generation - Medicine - Xrays - Truck check - Luggage check - Environmental safety Our planet is connected with the sun with more than just light, - it also connects by the stream of charged particles that come from the sun - other sources of radiation are galactic radiation (out of solar system) To be a radiation scientist you must understand - how radiation, both natural and man made interacts with organic and inorganic systems where will radiation scientists/nuclear engineers work? - Radiation facilities - Hospitals - Environmental firms - Government agencies - Consulting firms - Uni and research institutions - Private research establishments and industries - Industrial companies Lecture 2 Atom - Tiny particles that make up everything in the world - Made of o Positively charged protons o And neutrons which don’t have a charge o Negatively charged electrons o Neutrons and protons are also called nucleons, since they form the nucleus Symbol - A nucleus is symbolized by - - A is the atomic mass number, or the total number of nucleons (neutrons + protons) - Z is the number of protons - The carbon has 6 protons and 8 neutrons, therefore its called carbon-14 - Respectively Uranium-235 NUCLEI CLASSIFICATON - A < 20 LIGHT ELEMENTS - 20
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