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Study Guides for NURS 1700U at UOIT

Health and Healing: Older Adult Nursing Theory and Practicum

NURS 1700U Study Guide - Final Guide: Venous Ulcer, Impaired Glucose Tolerance, Coronary Artery Disease

Older Adult Final Exam Review - the theoretical perspectives on aging ("Try not to memorize, but to imagine what this would look like in patients you're caring for") - stochastic theories and be able to iden...

NURS 1700U
A.De La Rocha
Older Adult Final Exam Review Lecture and Textbook Notes Session 1-5.docx

OlderAdultFinalExamReviewSession1TerminologyGeriatrics branch of medicine dealing with physiological and psychological aspects of aging with diagnosis and treatments of diseases affecting older adults Potter and Perry p 37...

NURS 1700U
A.De La Rocha
NURS 1700U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Nursing Assessment, Old Age Security, Social Exchange Theory

Older Adult Midterm 1 Notes February 14 - 90 minutes - 35 multiple choice questions - 5 short answer questions. - Sessions 1 to 5. - Review all readings and PowerPoints as well as ...

NURS 1700U
A.De La Rocha
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