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UOITSSCI 3910ULiqun CaoFall

SSCI 3910U Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Variance, Unimodality, Standard Deviation

OC237691617 Page
12 Oct 2018
There was never a department for criminology people took sociology. Sir leon radzinowicz (1906- 1999) at uni of cambridge. Nikita s. khrushchev (1894-
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UOITSSCI 3910UDr.ZaidiFall

SSCI 3910U Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Univariate, Test Statistic, Statistical Hypothesis Testing

OC5200172 Page
2 Nov 2016
Descriptive stats (basic statistics) data reduction technique reduces the amounts of data you have, but very limited. Single variable analysis to exami
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