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SOCI 1000U Final: SOCI 1000 Inequalities of Class Gender and Ethnicity.docx

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SOCI 1000U
Timothy Macneill

Inequalities of Class Gender and Ethnicity Class • Usually described as the level of economic wealth (cultural also though h/l class) • 2 ways to describe class o 1) Durkheimian  Different levels of wealth along a continuum  Inequalities were natural o 2) Marxian  Two distinct categories  Class is ones relationship to the “means of production”  Inequalities were based on exploitation and subjugation (who has the money) • Proletariat (workers) – the ones who don’t have access to the mass of production, the only value they have is their ability to work • Bourgeoisie (owners) – the people who have access to the means of production , they can employ the people for minimum wage because they don’t have a job and there is tones of other people out there who don’t have jobs access to the means of production • In Canada we are a more equal country because we tax people to provide opportunities for those who are poorer • The richer are getting richer and the poor are just remaining the same o WEALTH: top 20% hold 69% of net worth (as opposed to income) o WEALTH: Bottom 60% own 11% of the wealth Continuum • An arbitrary designation to represent categories o Eg. Grades in relation toAB C D F • They are socially constructed categories Race vs Ethnicity • Race: based on physical difference • Ethnicity: based on cultural identity Racisim vs Ethnocentrism • Racism: the belief that inherent different traits in human racial groups justify discrimination o We discriminate based on appearance (holocaust, slavery)
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