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SOCI 1000U Study Guide - Final Guide: Charismatic Authority, Mahatma Gandhi, Participatory Democracy

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SOCI 1000U
Timothy Macneill
Study Guide

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Politics and Social Movement
o“The Process by which individuals and groups act to promote their
interests, often in conflict with others” (text, p. 348).
oIt is also an arena in which people discuss, debate, and transform each
other’s interests and values
o“The ability of a person or group to achieve their objectives, even when
opposed” (text, p. 348).
o“Power reflects the extent to which available resources both constrain and
enable people’s actions” (text, p. 348).
oPower also reflects the extent to which a person or group can impact the
values and beliefs of others
oThe ability to exert power without the use of, or threat of, physical force
oMax Weber claimed there were three types of authority:
1) Traditional authority: people obey because that’s the way things
have always been done
Chiefs or elders in tribal societies, spiritual guides, priests, a
father in a patriarchal society
More powerful when it is grounded in a belief that it comes
from a revered spiritual source
2) Charismatic authority: Based on the belief that an individual has
exceptional qualities
Thought to be able to solve problems beyond the capacity of
ordinary people
May build strong followings
Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Oprah Winfrey, Ghandi
They can get people to do things just by being charismatic
3) Rational-legal authority: Based on formally established rules,
procedures, and expertise in which a person’s acknowledged right
to command is limited to his or her official position

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Characteristic of bureaucratic institutions – those higher-up
the chain have more authority – you have respect for that
CEO, economist, electrician, medical doctor, movie critic
Somebody higher up in the company has more authority
than you do
oYou have to do what your CEO says. If they fire the
person the next day and put another person in power,
you have to listen to them
oLike a general in the military
oOr a doctor because your position in society
WE add… 4) Assertive authority: Individuals who make claims or
suggest actions assertively in groups are often believed or followed
because of the authority with which they suggest something
Most strong predictions by experts about politics, the
economy, even sports, are wrong.
The predictions of such people are only slightly better than
random guess.
If you say something with force, people tend to believe you
People who speak with authority are usually wrong
Everything is Politics
oYour lifestyle and opportunities are politically determined
Higher Education
Your tuition with government funding: $6000.00
Your tuition without government funding: $25,000
oIf the government took away our funding, it would be
a lot more money
Private Transportation
Drives would have a lot more traffic with less funding and not
exist without it
Public transit
Smog laws
Personal Success
Chances of any person living a full and successful life and
being able to achieve a higher standard of living than their
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