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SOCI 1000U Study Guide - Final Guide: Social Animal, Endorphins, Labour Power

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SOCI 1000U
Timothy Macneill
Study Guide

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Sociology Theory and Research
Evolution of the social animal
Humans have evolved to live in large groups
In history, humans spent 20% of their time grooming
They groomed one another. It was instrumental to achieve some goal
oWe found now that most of this grooming was cementing a connection that they
had with one another.
oIt showed who was in the group and who was not in the group
This cleaning work released endorphins from being touched and this creates a social
bond between both of them
However, as larger groups, there is not enough time to groom one another to
cement social bonds
oAs a social creature, you still need to cement these social bonds.
oHumans have evolved from monkeys and can use speech now to cement social
bonds with one another
oLanguage now cement social bonds and this is much more complicated than
cleaning one another
50,000 years ago, the brain changes its wiring to better process complicated social
information (natural selection in social environment)
Cultural aspects of human society appear
All of these things are necessary for living as an almost completely social creature
The increase in the number of neuroconnections made us to be able to further compute
in complexity that we couldn’t before
We are putting even more pressure on our brain to become more social
Mirror Neurons
oAllow us to be empathetic, altruism, equality, morality and fairness
oAllow us to achieve all these feelings by helping us feel what others feel

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oAll of this is perceived inside the brain
oWe NEED to be social
oWe can differentiate between words and meanngs
oIntersubjectivity : is a key term used to conceptualize the psychological relation
between people emphasizing our inherently social being.
Biggest question of our time
Has the human brain developed enough to solve all of the problems it has created
Can we think ourselves out of an economic collapse?
We have perfected science enough to be destructive
What is Sociology
It is a science of studying human behaviour that is premised on the assumption
that interaction between human-beings impacts this behaviour
Study of human beings as social creatures
Study areas such as: cognitive development, politics, economics, culture
Study it using two complementary processes
Generalization that can be used in understanding patterns and predicting
events in the social world
Statement, not a question
It is fallible (may not be right)
oEmpirical Research
The act of symmetrically observing, testing, experimenting and gathering
data for the purpose of understanding phenomena, testing, or creating
Testing to prove that its true
Eg. Gravity
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