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Lecture 9
Why are we learning Excel?
Why Learn Excel?
Excel is the most popular spreadsheet tool today.
Excel has been regarded as the true “killer app” by many experts.
You probably already use or will soon be using Excel at work, and possibly at
Excel can be used for simple data management and problem-solving, as well as
complex decision making
From a learning standpoint: excel can be used to cultivate Critical Thinking and
Decision Making Skills
Based on Robert Reich (former US Secretary of
Four Skills required for future job roles:
A good information Systems education is comprehensive across
these skills
Introduction to Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Office Excel 2010 (Excel):
A computer program used to enter, analyze, and present
(quantitative) data
è A spreadsheet program
A spreadsheet is a collection of text and numbers laid out in a rectangular
Often used in business for accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, inventory
management and other functions.
An electronic spreadsheet program such as Excel aids a multitude of problem-
solving & decision-making processes through providing:
data management features
automatic calculation functions
presentation tools
decision analysis functions
Worksheets and Workbooks
a computerized spreadsheet application used to build and manipulate worksheets
and workbooks
a spreadsheet that may contain data including text, numbers, formulas, charts etc.
Sometimes a charts based worksheet is referred to as a “Chartsheet”
ADM1370 QUIZ #2
a collection of related worksheets within one file
Basic Components of the Excel Interface
File Tab:
Consists of file operations commands such as opening, closing, saving, printing,
and sharing files.
The options and features available here are part of the “Backstage view”
Tabs & Ribbon:
Each tab corresponds to sets of features displayed horizontally as a ribbon.
A ribbon consists of groupings, and controls.
Tabs are designed to be task-oriented and consist of several logical groupings of
controls that perform similar functions.
Quick Access Toolbar:
Contains controls / commands that are most commonly used. Additional controls
can be added through Excel Options settings through the Office Button.
Select All Button:
Used to select all elements of the worksheet.
Status Bar:
Displays information about a selected command or operation in progress.
Also displays basic summary information about a selected range of values.
You can customize the status bar to show the types of summary information
you are interested in.
Just right-click the status bar and select the options you wish to use.
Planning for Good Workbook and Worksheet Design
Plan before you start entering data
Decide on the purpose of the spreadsheet and how it will be constructed
Make it obvious where data is to be entered:
Use titles, headings, instructions, color schemes, and forms to designate areas
for data-entry.
Wherever possible, setup formulas and use cell references for calculations
Allow Excel to do what it was designed for, i.e., automatic calculations
oTry to minimize hard-coded numbers in your calculations.
Test multiple times to make sure the results are what you
Check your results against your mental model of what the results should be.
Format the worksheet so it looks aesthetically pleasing.
Document the worksheet as thoroughly as possible:
Provide summaries or comments in a separate worksheet including ranges being
used for calculations and analysis.
Save your work regularly:
ADM1370 QUIZ #2
Modify the default save intervals if necessary.
Cells, Ranges, and References
Each cell is referenced by its intersecting column (letter) and
row (number):
e.g. cell A1 is the topmost left cell in the spreadsheet.
The cell reference is shown in the name box beside the formula bar.
A range is a rectangular group of cells in a worksheet:
can be one single cell or may be entire worksheet.
Selecting a range:
Click and hold left mouse button and drag from beginning of range to end
Select first cell, then hold the Shift key while clicking the last cell
Can consist of contiguous (together) or non-contiguous (not
together) cells:
Hold the Ctrl key to select non-contiguous ranges.
A contiguous range of cells is referenced by the top left cell
reference and the bottom right cell reference:
e.g. B2:D5
Entering & Editing Data
Entering Data in Cells:
Text, Numbers, Formulas can be entered either directly in each cell or through the
formula bar.
Editing Data in Cells:
Data in cells can be modified using one of three ways:
Selecting the cell you want to edit, clicking the Formula Bar, making changes,
pressing Enter or the Check symbol.
Double clicking the cell to be edited, making the changes, pressing Enter
Selecting the cell, pressing the F2 key, making the changes, pressing Enter
Auto-Fill Feature:
Used to repetitively copy contents of one cell or a range of cells.
Used to complete a sequence, pattern or lists like numbers, increments, months
Enables you to copy or continue the content of a cell or a range of cells to its
adjacent cells (below or to the right).
Select a cell or range of cells to be copied or continued,
Drag the “fill handle” over an adjacent cell or range of cells
The fill handle is a small black square appearing in the bottom-right corner of
a cell
You can define your own custom lists in Excel to give more power to the
Auto-Fill feature.
Use the Excel Options control in the backstage view and look under Advanced
è Edit Custom Lists.
ADM1370 QUIZ #2

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