ADM 2336 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Goal Setting, Motivation, Equity Theory

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Under what 2 conditions are goals most motivating? (goal setting theory) 300: comparison of your ratio of outcomes/inputs to a comparison other"s ratio of outcomes/inputs. 400: an internal tension that results from being over rewarded or under rewarded relative to some comparison other. And internal intension that can only be alleviates by restoring balance to the ratios. 100: the belief that successful performance, will result in some outcomes that are valued. 200: motivation that is felt when task performance serves as its own reward. Know some examples of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. 500: potential for harm, social pressure. Remember that moral intensity is the degree to which an issue has ethical urgency. 300: the process that people use to determine whether a particular course of action is ethical or unethical. 400: the perceived fairness of decision making outcome. 100: trust that is rooted in one"s own personality as opposed to a careful assessment of the trustee"s trustworthiness.

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