ADM 2336 Study Guide - Final Guide: Telecommuting, Career Development, Emotional Exhaustion

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Social inventions: we are interested in the coordinated presence of people. The focus is on people, not things or possessions of the organization. In ob we wish to learn to manage people so that they work effectively. Goal accomplishment: e. g. , write and record songs, provide access to higher education, save the animals, be profitable and survive. In ob, we focus on how orgs can make sure they survive, adapt to change (e. g. , french. Group effort: idea that individuals are part of formal and informal groups in the organization. We will spend quite a bit of time talking about how to make groups/teams more effective. The field of study devoted to understanding, explaining and ultimately improving the attitudes and behaviours of individuals or groups of individuals in an organization. Many different issues that need to be considered. Vision: where you want to be and directions. Mission statement: what you are meant to do and who you are.