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ADM 3321 Study Guide - Final Guide: Baseball Cap, Opinion Leadership, Cognitive Development

Course Code
ADM 3321
Michael Mulvey
Study Guide

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Final Exam
In Class Review
50 mcp (65%)
Choose 2 of 3 short answers (35%)
Midterm onwards
Focus of the final exam:
!Personaltiy, lifestyle and values (Chapter 6)
!Attitudes (Chapter 7)
!Group influence and social media (chapter 11)
!Income, social class and family structure (Chapter 12)
!Subcultures (Chapter 13)
!Plus…lessons learned from the student projects and presentations
The Goal: Be clear, confident, and conversational
Seinfield video
What perspectives can be brought to understand this interaction?
Group influence
o!E.g. watching youtube videos to get more info and knowledge
o!E.g. leaving tags on the baseball cap, tilting just that way, I
wanna be more like this rapper.
!Value expressive
o!When you put a poster of your fav sports team, character, etc
o!Public statement about what you care about
o!It can be a fictional character too
Reference groups
!An actual or imaginary individual or group that has a significant
effect upon an individual’s evaluations, aspirations or behaviour.
!It could be someone you know or someone you aspire to be like
!Sometimes there are negative role models, e.g. social
consequences of drinking after watching someone who is addicted
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