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University of Ottawa

stHuman Resources Management March 31 2011With managing the most important asset is peopleHuman resources department is there to assist management they are a staff functionTypical Organizationprovide trainingtraining can be very expensive usually candidates are hired on probation so company can fire you at any point wont spend a lot of money training you employeebenefits dental plans pensions eyeglasses very expensive usually if you hire someone at a certain price around 26 percent more has to be paid to employees for benefits counselling a lot of people have mental problems substance problems etc Counselling has become more of an issue in the human resource departmentwage and salary administration determined through reflected appraisal goals etcIn Canada a good increase is 12 percent to get a head you need to change jobs cant be recklessevery time you make a move you look for an increase in price around 25 percent morelabour relationswe are deficient in this area in Canada MRI programQueenstrains people in this areaemployee selection you need to make yourself stand out differentiate yourself from all the other candidatesRecruitmentword of mouth network become a part of community events and meet peoplegovernmentwant people to be employedprivate private agencies search for individualsmake sure that private agencies are legitimatecollegesuniversitiesemployers go to the school to look for candidatesgenerally in the falllook for career centre ads know whats going on in the marketplacelook for trends and what are people looking for what kind of peopleads can be very helpfullearn to make yourself stand outprofessional honour societybeta gamma sigma for examplenetwork make professional relationshipsWhat do Employers Want TodayCommunication Skillsability to understand and to speakability to listen and learnability to read and to write what you write is who you areonce you write something you can never take it bakeThinking Skillsthink before you speakdont ask a million questions THINK before you askdont over thinkPositive Attitude have positive confident attitudeSelf Confidence
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