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ADM1100A FALL 2013 PRACTICE FINAL EXAMINATIONStudent Name Student No INSTRUCTIONS 1 Candidates must complete and sign the academic attestation below 2 This examination consists of THREE Parts Multiple Choice TrueFalse both of which should be answered on the computerized answer sheet provided and Short AnswerSpecific instructions are provided in each part 3 Candidates must return the examination question paper your computerized answer sheet and all examination booklets to the professor 4 The time limit for this examination is twoa half hours 5 No notes references or dictionaries are permitted 6 No electronic devices are permitted accept for a nonprogrammable calculator 7 Read the entire examination question paper BEFORE proceedingAcademic IntegrityIntegrity is a basic value of our society and of the business worldAcademic integrity is also a key value of the Telfer School of Management To underline its importance all assignment report project or other work submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a course at the School of Management must include on its front page the following signed statementsigned by each member of a team in the case of a group assignment or team workStatement of Academic Integrity This work conforms to the rules on academic integrity of the University of Ottawa SignatureFor more information on what constitutes a breach of academic integrity please consult the following web siteshttpwwwuottawacaacademicinforegistcrshome5ENGhtmand httpwwwuottawacaplagiarismdfPlease note that any submission in a course homework assignment report etc that does not include that signed statement will not be corrected and will get a grade of zero 1
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