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------------------------------------- The presentation should be a supplement to the case, and should not try to cover all of the material that is contained in the case. Presentations should be 15 minutes in length; allocate the time so that you can cover the following content. STRUCTURE AND CONTENT The presentation, like your case, should have a clear structure. -----INTRODUCTION-----  The first part of your presentation should clearly introduce yourselves and the situation. Some questions that you should answer are: o Who are you; o Who is your audience; and o Why are we here?  Following that, you should give a concise overview of the case. o Prove to the audience that you understand their situation; and o Make sure to include the implications that you came up with in your case to show that you understand the gravity of the situation. • Make sure to then clearly state what the primary problem is. • List the alternatives investigated in preparation of the case. -----BODY----- The main purpose of the body is to provide information to your audience. Be sure to: • Briefly describe the alternatives that you have investigated in preparing the case. Do not waste too much time going into a detailed description about each alternative; the audience is only interested in the alternative that will ADM 1300 Presentation Guidelines Page | 1 solve their problems. A simple overview of the relevant theory and how it applies to the audience’s situation will suffice; do not explain why the alternative is not the best, save it for later. • Give a thorough description of the alternative that you have selected as your recommended solution: o be sure to clearly illustrate how this alternative can be applied to their situation; and o when you deliver your pros and cons, make sure to cover how they affect the business. • Show how your alternative is best. Briefly compare it to the other alternatives that you investigated in preparing the case: o make sure to present 2 points that make your alternative superior to the other alternatives that were investigated; and o be sure to outline any obstacles that your audience will have to overcome when implementing the alternative. -----CONCLUSION----- Your conclusion should sum up the reasons why your audience should follow your advice. Make sure to: • Restate your primary problem; • Outline EXACTLY how your presentation solves the primary problem and any satellite problems; • Discuss how to overcome any problems that your recommended solution does not solve; and • Give a detailed implementation. NON-VERBAL You must: • Make eye contact with the entire audience; • Use the WHOLE room effectively; • Dress professionally; • Have appropriate hand gestures; ADM 1300 Presentation Guidelines Page | 2 • Avoid using cue cards (some use in the first presentation is acceptable, but ANY use in the second presentation will result in the loss of ALL nonverbal marks) • Behave appropriately while not speaking; and • Avoid looking back at slides. The following points will be used to establish the listed components of your nonverbal communication mark. • Movement o Us
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