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Midterm Review covers everything you need to prepare for the midterm. including lecture material and other material that will help you success in the Midterm. Also includes all the definition you required to know through out the text book This is materia

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ADM1300 Midterm ReviewManagement is working with and through individuals and groups in order to achieve desired goalsBeing a manager requiresoWorking with othersoWorking through other people through delegationoHaving many kinds of skills and knowledge to be effectiveoSupervising the use of groups or organizational resources to achieve goalsoMaking decisions with the goal of high performanceA manager can effectively manage 7 peopleThreshold skills areoAccountingoFinanceoMarketingoOperations managementSoft Skills areoHuman relationsA goal is a long termed desired resultAn objective is short term steps to reach the goalResources are assets such as people machinery raw materials info skills and moneyOrganizational performance is a measure of how effectively and efficiently managers use resources to satisfy customers and achieve goalsOrganizational performance increases in direct proportion to an increase in effectiveness and efficiencyEfficiency is how well or how productively resources are being usedoIf you are efficient there is a minimal input time to a maximal output timeEffectiveness is a measure of how appropriate the goals that a manger has selected and of the degree to which the organization reaches these goalsEfficiency is doing things right effectiveness is doing the right thingHigh performance is both efficient and effectiveThe four managerial functions areoPlanningIdentifying and selecting appropriate goals and courses of actionDecide which goals to pursueDecide a course of action to attain the goalsDeciding how to allocate organizational resources to attain goalsPlanning leads to strategy A cluster of decisions concerning what goals to pursue actions to take and how to use resourcesoOrganizingA process used to structure workplace relationships in a way that allows members of an organization to work together and achieve goalsInvolves grouping people into departments according to types of jobsLeads to an organizational structure a formal system of task and reporting relationships that coordinates and motivates organizational members to work together and achieve goals oLeadingExpressing a clear vision energizing and empowering employees so everyone knows their rolesoControllingEvaluating how well an organization is achieving its goals and taking action to maintain or improve performanceThe first thing a company needs is a vision followed by a mission statement goals objectives and a plan which leads to organization motivation and control There are usually 3 types of managers firstline middle and top First report to middle and middle reports to top The three managers are grouped into departments according to their specific job responsibilitiesA department is a group of people who work together and posses similar skills or use similar resources knowledge or tools to complete their jobThe three managers are found in each of a companys departmentFirst line managers oThey are the base of the managerial hierarchy pyramid oThey are also known as supervisorsoDaily supervision and coordination of nonmanagerial employeesoIn all departments of the organizationsMiddle ManagersoSupervise first line managersoFind the best way to organize human resources and other resourcesoEvaluate whether goals are appropriate Top mangersoResponsible for performance of all the departments and connecting the parts of the organization togetheroUsually title of vice presidentoEstablish goals monitor middle managersoResponsible for success or failure of the organizationsoThey report to the organizations CEOCEOoResponsible for developing good working relationships between top managersoThey set the vision for the organizationRestructuring is downsizing an organization by eliminating the jobs of top middle and first line managers and nonmanagerial employees This is done to decrease cost Two steps done to reduce costs and improve qualityoEmpowermentWhen employees tasks and responsibilities are expandedoSelf ManagementGroups of employees are put into teams who supervise their own activities and monitor their the quality of the goods and services they provideA role is a set of specific tasks that a person is expected to perform because of the position he or she holds and an organizationThere are 3 types of managerial rolesoImpersonalDone to coordinate and interact with organizational members and provide direction and supervision for employees and for the whole organization There are 3 types of impersonal roles of a managerFigureheadsymbolLeaderencourage train counsel mentorLiaisonlink and coordinate activity oInformational Task to obtain and transmit informationThere are 2 informational roles of a mangerMonitoranalyzes information from inside and outside of organization to effectively organize and control peopleDisseminatortransmits information to other members of organization to influence attitude and behavioroDecisional RolesMethods that managers use to plan strategy and utilize resourcesThere fore 4 decisional roles of a managerEntrepreneurdecide which projects or programs to initiate and how to invest resourcesDisturbance Handlerassumes responsibility for handling unexpected events or crisesResource Allocatordecide how to best use people and other resourcesNegotiatorreaches agreements with other managers or groups Managers need all three types of skills to be successful These skills areoConceptual Ability to analyze and diagnose a situation to find the cause and effectAllow managers to understand big pictureoHuman SkillsAbility to understand alter lead and control the behavior of the other individuals and groups The ability to interrelate
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