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Collections of people who work together and coordinate their actions 1ORGANIZATIONto achieve goalsWorking with and through individuals and groups in order to achieve 2MANAGEMENTdesired goalsAssets such as people machinery raw materials information skills 3RESOURCESand financial capitalA person who is responsible for supervising the use of an 4MANAGERorganizations resources to achieve its goals5ORGANIZATIONAL A measure of how effectively and efficiently a manager uses resources PERFORMANCEto satisfy customers and achieve organizational goalsA measure of how well or productively resources are used to achieve a 6EFFICIENCYgoalA measure of the appropriateness of the goals an organization is 7EFFECTIVENESSpursuing and of the degree to which the organization achieves those goals8PLANNINGIdentifying and selecting appropriate goals and courses of action Structuring the workplace relationships such that it allows members of9ORGANIZINGan organization to work together to achieve organizational goals Articulating a clear vision and energizing and empowering10LEADINGorganizational members so that everyone understands their individual roles in achieving organizational goalsEvaluating how well an organization is achieving its goals and taking 11CONTROLLINGaction to maintain or improve performanceA cluster of decisions about what goals to pursue what actions to 12STRATEGYtake and how to use resources to achieve goalsA formal system of tasks and reporting relationships that coordinates 13ORGANIZATIONAL and motivates organizational members so that they work together to STRUCTUREachieve organizational goalsA group of people who work together and possess similar skills or use 14DEPARTMENTthe same knowledge tools or techniques to perform their jobsManagers who are responsible for the daily supervision and 15FIRSTLINE MANAGERScoordination of nonmanagerial employeesManagers who supervise firstline managers and are responsible for 16MIDDLE MANAGERSfinding the best way to use resources to achieve organizational goalsManagers who establish organizational goals decide how 17TOP MANAGERSdepartments should interact and monitor the performance of middle managersA group composed o f the CEO the president and the heads of the 18TOP MANAGEMENT TEAMmost important departmentsDownsizing an organization by eliminating the jobs of large numbers of 19RESTRUCTURINGtop middle and firstline managers and nonmanagerial employees20EMPOWERMENTExpanding employees tasks and responsibilities21SELFMANAGEMENTGroups of employees who supervise their own activities and monitor TEAMSthe quality of the goods and services they provideThe specific task a person is expected to perform because of the 22ROLEposition he or she holds in an organizationThe ability to analyze and diagnose a situation and to distinguish 23CONCEPTUAL SKILLSbetween cause and effect It involves being able to think in an abstract manner to see how parts fit together to form a wholeThe ability to understand alter lead and control the behavior of other 24HUMAN RELATIONS SKILLSindividuals and groupsJobspecific knowledge and techniques that are required to perform an 25TECHNICAL SKILLSorganizational roleThe ability to identify relevant issues recognized their important 26ANALYTICAL SKILLSunderstand the relationships between them and perceive the underlying causes of a situation27PUBLICLY HELD Companies whose shares are available on the stock exchangeORGANIZATIONS28PRIVATELY HELD Companies whose shares are not available on the stock exchange but ORGANIZATIONSare privately held
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