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ADM 1300 Midterm20 multiple choice 2markseach 15 answer question4markseach Midterm review Chapter 27Question 18 marksWhat is Management Explain the different parts of the formal definitionManagement is a process involving a series of activities and operations such as planning organizing leading and controlling 2 marks an enterprises financial physical human and information resources 2 marks to achieve the organizations goal of Supplying various products and services to consumers or customers 2marksFinally management involves activities carried out in an organizational setting by people with different functions intentionally structured and coordinated to achieve common purposes Basically the management is structured around the Areas of financial human resources operation marketing and information organizational functions 2marksQuestion 22marksWhat creates the personality of an organizationEach organization has its own personality created by theexperiences skills personalities and mannerismsamong the people who make up the organizationQuestion 34marksComplete this sentence The rational decision making process requires managers to1Evaluate the effectiveness of their decision2Make sure that the chosen alternative has served its original purpose3Adopt an alternative that had previously been discarded 4Recognize that the situation was not correctly defined to begin with and start the process all over again if requiredQuestion 410marks4What is the importance of each of Mintzbergs 10 managerial roles Name and present a short explanation for each of them1 The Figurehead Role involves an emphasis on ceremonial activities2 A Leader Role is essentially one of influencing or directing others3 The Liaison Role emphasizes the contacts that a manager has with those outside the formal authority chain of command4 The Monitor Role involves extensive information seeking that management engaged in to keep aware of crucial development that may affect their unit and their own work5 This Disseminator Role involves the sending of critical information to others
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