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ADM 1300 NotesSeptember 13 20111Idea of management processDescribe the 4 basic functions that constitute the management process Management process of planning organization leading and controlling an enterprises financial physical human and information resources to achieve the organizations goals of supplying various product and servicesManagement efficiency means achieving the greatest level of output with a given amount of input doing things rightManagement effictiveness means achieving the goals that have been set Doing things rightManagers can focus on being effective and will likely be efficient but not vice versa 2 The functions that are necessary in the management processAll managers plan organize direct and control daytoday operations POLC is involved Planning Organizing Leading Controlling Steps of PlanningGoals are established for the organizationManagement identify weather a gap exists between desires and position there is always a gapManagement develop plans to achieve desired goals Goalresult desired planshow these goals are to be achieved Thinking is converted into action Therefore the plans that have been decided upon are implemented Effectiveness is assessedoActual results are compared with planned performanceoPlans may have to be modified and a different goal may have to be setA hierarchy of PlansStrategic Plans Set by top managementoReflect decisions about resource allocations company priorities and the steps needed to meet strategic goalsTactical plans Set by middle managementShorter range plans concerned with implementing specific aspects of the companys strategic plansThey typically involve upper and middle managementOperational Plans developed by middle management and lowerlevel managers that set short term targets for daily weekly and monthly performancesOrganizing Involves mobilizing the resources that are required to complete a required task Managers create the structure of the working relationship between organizational members that best allows them to work together and achieve goalsManagers will also lay out lines of authority and responsibility for membersLeading Involves interactions between management and their subcoordinates as both work to meet the firms objectivesLeading is much more than just giving ordersAttempt to guide and motivate employees to work in the best interests of the organizationThe outcome of the leading function is a high level of motivation and commitment from employees to the organizationControlling Monitoring a firms performance to make sure that a firm meets its goals Can show where performance is better than expected and thus can serve as a basis for providing rewards or reducing costsManagers will monitor individuals departments and the organization to determine if desired performance has been reachedManagers will also take action to increase performance as requiredThe outcome of the controlling function is the accurate measurement of performance and regulation of efficiency and effectivenessAreas of ManagementHR managersProvide assistance to other managers when they are hiring employees training them evaluation their performance and determining their compensation levelOperations Managers They are responsible for the production systems that create goods and services
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