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Management theory200 These are the three managerial roles defined by Mintzberg interpersonalinformation decisional 500 These 5 parties are involved in a 360 degree performance appraisal supervisors customers of clients subordinate self peers400 these are the 6 steps in the decision making processrecognize need to make a decision generate alts assess alts choose among alts implement chosen alt learn from feedback300 he is the current minister of finance jim Flaherty 100 the Canadian dollar relative to usd is currently at this 099 These are the 4 functions of management planning leading controlling organizing Current events 100 he currently the leader of the liberal party michael ignatieff 500 this company was the only American car manufacturer to NOT approach the US and Canadian governments to ask for a bailout ford400 what is the current Canadian unemployment rate 76Marketing300 Psychological variables of buying behaviour 5 PERCEPTION MOTIVATION LEARNING ATTITUDE PERSONALITY2004 stages of the product life cycle 4 introduction growth maturity decline500 these 3 activities can be used to identify to distinguish one product from another branding packaging labelling 400 with regards to product classification consumer is to households as this is to businesses industrial these 4 activities make up the marketing mix product price promotion distribution Potent potables 400 the percentage of time a person spends working with others 85this form of business does over 100 billion dollars of sales in Canada annually franchisingAccounting100 Share c
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