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Emma Elle CosmeticsADM 1300 CJeanFranois AubertDima BoykoIn Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of ADM13008112011Colton Parsons 6630639AssumptionsSales representatives are not researching or learning about the products they are sellingReputation of Emma Elle Cosmetics being honest sales people is diminishingChanges to Emma Elle Cosmetics need to be made soon to avoid further harm to the companys reputation and financesSales representatives are not getting together to discuss their products and how to sell themNew sales reps are unaware of the founder of the company and her success storySales representatives are not being monitored for performance when making salesCurrently no training program in place for sales repsSatellite ProblemsThe Sales reps of Emma Elle Cosmetics do not have enough knowledge of the products they are selling since there are no training programs in place or any testing of product knowledge The company lacks management over its sales representatives to examine performance and make necessary changesThere is no motivation among sales reps to make sales because of no programs set in place to keep them stimulatedThe amount of sales made by the company is not proportionate to the its growth since members of the Emma Elle Cosmetics are not being motivatedSales representatives are not being informed of the successful methods Emma Elle used
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