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1Managers and ManagingChapter 1Managementworking with and throughindividuals and groups in order to achieve desired goalsWithbecause everyone is connectedThroughthe need of delegationyou can delegate but you are still responsible Individualsall uniqueMaslow says we all have the same needsbut where we place our emphasis varies by each person Groups85 takes place in groups For different point of views brainstormpros and cons accomplish organizational goals decrease liabilityspread the risks better decision makingAs the group formsa leader emerges and normsexpectations are created in the group Cross fertilization occursGoalwhat it is you want to achieve objectiveshow you are going to achieve itManagerial FunctionsFayol PChoose appropriate goals and best course of action LMotivate coordinate and energize individuals and groups towork together OEstablish task and authority relationships so that peoplework well together CEstablish measuring and monitoring systems to evaluate how well an organization has achieved the goalsOrganizational Functions Accounting finance operations management human resources management marketingProcess of Management Page 3EFFICIENCY VS EFFECTIVENESSLOW EFFICIENCYManagers choose wrong goals to pursue and make poor use of resources LOW EFFECTIVENESSLow quality product that customers do not wantLOW EFFICIENCY Managers choose the right goals to pursue but does a poor job of using HIGH EFFECTIVENESSresources to achieve these goals Good producttoo expensiveHIGH EFFICIENCY Manager chooses inappropriate goals but makes good use of resources to LOW EFFECTIVENESSpursue these goals High quality product that no one wants Manager chooses the right goals to pursue and makes good use of HIGH EFFICIENCYresources to achieve these goals QualityPriceHIGH EFFECTIVENESS23 MANAGERIAL ROLES INDENTIFIED BY MINTZBERGINTERPERSONAL figureheadsymbolizes an organization or a department Coordinate and interact leaderencourages subordinates to perform at a high level and to with organizational take steps to train counsel and mentor subordinates to help them members and provide reach their full potential direction and supervision liaisonmanagers link and coordinate the activities of people and for employees and for the groups both inside and outside the organizationorganization as a whole monitoranalyses information from inside and outside the organization disseminatormanager transmits information to other members of INFORMATIONAL the organization to influence their work attitudes and behaviorTasks necessary to obtain and transmit informationspokespersona manager uses information to promote the organization so that people both inside and outside the organization respond positivelyentrepreneura manager must decide which projects or programs to initiate and how to invite resources to increase organizational performanceDECISIONAL closely disturbance handlera manager assumes responsibility for handling associated with the an unexpected event or crisis that threatens the organizations access methods that managers use to resourcesto plan strategy and utilize resource allocatordeciding how best to use people and other resourcesresources to increase organizational performance andnegotiatorreaching agreements with other managers or groups claiming the first right to resources or with the organization and outside groups such as shareholders or customers Managerial Skills1 Conceptual SkillsThe ability to analyze and diagnose a situation and find the cause and effect the ability to dream2Human Skills the ability to understand alter lead and control peoples behaviour the ability to interrelate3 Technical Skills the jobspecific knowledge required to perform a task the day to dayMeasuring Managerial PerformancePeter Drucker3 EEconomythe terms and conditions under which human and material resources are acquired Efficiencythe amount of resources incurred to produce goods and services3Effectivenesshow well is the organization doing in meeting its goals
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