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University of Ottawa

1Executive Summary To MilesFrom Wealth and Clever AssociatesSubject Escape Kitchen Nightmare ProblemA young entrepreneur named Miles has dreamed of opening a restaurant which once became a reality Miles and his team of chefs cannot operate together and as a result of this are not a team as the team like atmosphere is nonexistent To simply the main problem there is a lack of teamworkAlternatives1Status Quo Restaurant would close down2Motivating the team 3Team Building exercisesDeveloping the team4PlanningStrategy5Facilitating CommunicationFacts Considered 1Miles has a degree in Marketing2No culinary background3Hired chefs that are supposed to have undisputed talents4Finances are not a major problem but never the less a problem5Entertainment and dcor is drawing new people in but a poor menu is keeping those customers from returning 6Strife and conflicts between the chefs Miles had hired have started to increase and for the worst Recommendation The good news is this primary problem can be solvedIt will just take time and effort and a little out of the box thinking on behalf of Miles and his teamMiles needs to somehow find a way to make his chefs closer togetherMiles needs to a make some goals for his companyThe immediate and right away goal that needs to be met it There must be an agenda or game plan set in placeMiles needs to get his chefs in order and start to design an enticing menu that will get first time guests to returnRight away after that Miles needs a short term goal that must consist of Miles and his team going through the early stages of making his team closer together and start doing things as a teamLastly for the long term goal it will depend on the success that the business gainsThis long term goal could be obtained if there is success after the first two goals have been achievedIt could be anything along the lines of setting a goal for sales after six months to one yearAssumptions 2After reviewing the case there are three major assumptions in this caseThere are others but for the most part these are the ones that standoutThe assumptions in this case just like any case are important but at the same time you do not want just base the entire case on the assumptionsThese assumptions are based on facts delivered in the case but do not necessarily solve or ruin the caseSometimes they can be a major factor or observation in the case Assumption 1The first assumption that could be made from this case regards the culinary background that Miles hasMiles lacks in the culinary background and is shown in the success of the restaurantAt this point in time is looking quite negativeIf Miles had any culinary background what so ever he could have hired the best chefsEven though the chefs that he had hired graduated at the top of their class there is still a problem with the food which is supposed to be their bread and butterMiles cannot take all the blame for the menu and even if he has no culinary background these chefs do and should be able to help him outSo you could make the assumption that if he had some knowledge in the culinary field he would have not just looked at papers and certificates that these chefs had obtained but also how they could do other tasks beside cook like creating a tasty menu This just an assumption but could have turned the case aroundAssumption 2 The second assumption is actually positive towards Miles and if he did not have this they would be so far under they might not know where to startThis comes from his
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