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ADM1300 Individual ProjectBritish PetroleumIn Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of ADM 1300Submitted to Professor JeanFrancois AubertFor the Course ADM1300University of OttawaNovember 16 2012Catherine Chu70826211Executive SummaryTo Robert Dudley CEO From Catherine ChuDate November 16 2012 Summary British Petroleum also commonly known as BP is a multinational corporation that originated in the United Kingdom This type of company allows for shares to be freely sold and traded to the public where shareholders have limited liability They are only liable for the amount of money invested into the shares Public limited companynd BPs operates through upstream and downstream activities BP is managed through board of directors and several committee structures This company has become ethically and socially responsible compared to its controversial past because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill BP is a centralized organization that has many levels of management They have a clear plan for the future of their company However BP must work on some aspects of their companyRecommendation It is recommended to the board of directors and executive management team that BP should not allow too much power for the GCE to make decisions for the company The board should be move involved in the decision making process as well as its implementation for solutions to negative externalities caused by their company In regards to being ethically and socially responsible BP has exhibited a decent amount of accountability towards resolving the problems caused by their negligence The corporation should review its organizational culture and increase its efforts allocated to its control systems
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